Jane Jupiter

your celestial dream girl



I’ve always been attracted to people who have a subversive streak inside them. Of course, many of us don our work-friendly apparel and spend most of our time in polite society. But this PG lifestyle isn’t enough for me, and if we’re a good match, it isn’t enough for you either. We have another side beneath the surface. A desire to truly see where a night could take a couple of people, perhaps with little to no context for each other- yet. 

Life, real, rich life, happens in those connections, not in the rote conceptions our colleagues have of us. That said, you can bet my colleagues have a pretty lively conception of me! In fact, some of our encounters have been filmed for my membership site. Exhibitionism turns me on. 

I’m not a sapiosexual. While I enjoy discussing interesting topics with educated folks, nothing turns me on like the lavish and the profane. I could live a full life nude in a roman bathhouse, only leaving the warm pools to lay on velvet throws, eating ripe peaches, and drinking mead in mixed company. While I missed this lifestyle by a few centuries, I love recreating it on a smaller scale whenever possible. Thank the Gods for room service! 

Let’s dip into the offerings of this planet together.



What is your perfect client like?

Contrary to some beliefs I've seen floating about, my perfect suitor is not under or over a certain age or tax bracket! They are considerate and kind. They take the time to read my website before booking, they fill out my booking form concisely, and preferably at least a couple days in advance. In follow up emails they are polite, not demanding or lewd. They arrive fresh with a smile, perhaps some wine, and the excitement of new chemistry! They leave seeing stars.

As a low volume escort, I strive to build lasting relationships with my clients that stand the test of time. My goal is to have a certain number of wonderful clients who I can lavish my appreciation and attention on. A friendship that's lasted through out the years is a specific kind of magic that fuels the heart and soul. However, I understand, some of life’s greatest experiences happen once in a lifetime.

What should I bring?

Mainly, just yourself, your manners, and your sense of adventure! Please arrive fresh or ready to hop in the shower, and put the envelope somewhere obvious like the dresser or the bathroom counter when you come in. If we’re meeting in public, please hand it to me in a card or a gift bag.

If you feel like bringing a gift to share, a bottle of wine (my favorite varieties are merlot, cabernet sauvignon, as well as pinot grigio) some fruit or dark chocolate will never go amiss!

Are you willing to see first timers? 

Yes! I don't require you to have seen other providers in the past, or to have references from them. As with all clients, I will need your full legal name and number to screen you, and might ask for additional work verification as well.

Where do you see clients?

I see clients primarily in Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC and everywhere in between (including Bellingham)! I tour New York city as well and the San Francisco Bay Area as well. In my local area I prefer to take outcalls, but I can arrange an in call location for us with deposit. When I travel, I prefer seeing clients in my hotel, but I am open to out calls as well.

Can you come to me?

I can and will! My national "Fly me to you" rates are located on my Patronage page. Please inquire for international date rates, I'm open to visiting anywhere on this spacecraft we call Earth!

Do you see clients with disabilities?

I love enriching the lives of clients with disabilities! Please mention your condition and details in your booking request. I want to know how I can make your experience exactly what you desire. 

Do you see non-white clients?

Absolutely! I will never refuse to see someone based on skin color. 

Do you see women, couples, or queer clients?

I do! As a bisexual woman, there is nothing I love more than spending time with men, women, and anyone in between! 

My rate for couples is a flat $200 fee on top of my regular rates, with a 20% deposit. I prefer 2+ hour appointments with couples, so that we have a bit more time for the 3 of us to get to know each other, but I am not opposed to shorter dates.