Jane Jupiter

your celestial dream girl

our meeting


When you meet me I'll be sure to dress for the occasion. A well fitting but appropriate dress for dinner, a gown that flows down my curves for going out. Jewel-toned and timeless lingerie if we will be staying closer to home. If you have a particular color or style you'd love to see me in, please let me know and I will accommodate your wishes. Underneath, me skin will be fresh, soft and often lightly rose scented. While I do shave my legs and underarms, I keep a moderate amount of bush downstairs. Natural just appeals to me.

I enjoy spending time with people who have impeccable hygiene, who arrive fresh or ready to hop in the shower. I don't discriminate based on race, ethnic background, gender, or ability. I do expect the people I attend dates with to be well-mannered, neat, and pleasant to be around.

Please put my fee in an unsealed envelope and leave it on the dresser or bathroom counter, or if meeting at a restaurant, in a gift bag. Unfortunately, I am not able to ask for the envelope, so if it has not been presented to me in the first five minutes of our meeting, I must leave. 

Gifts are always appreciated, I adore dark chocolate, wine, and jewelry with interesting stones. I'm a giver myself, so let me know when your birthday is and I'll come to our next date with a surprise just for you.

As a low volume courtesan, I can be quite selective with the men I choose to spend my time with. My goal is to have a certain number of wonderful clients who I can lavish my appreciation and attention on. Developing on-going relationships is important to me. A friendship that's lasted through out the years is a specific kind of magic that fuels the heart and soul.