Jane Jupiter

your celestial dream girl




Thank you for your interest in spending an evening or more with me. These are my rate packages for enjoying my time and presence. I am available to Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham, and when I tour, to SF and NYC. As I find it much more fascinating to meet you somewhere you've arranged for us, I do not maintain a personal in call location on my home turf. Your upscale hotel or residence is preferred, however, I can arrange for an in call if necessary with a deposit.

Please notify me as soon as possible if you must cancel our date; it's only polite! Deposits (required for tour appointments, couple appointments, and local in call appointments) are non-refundable.

Local and Tour Packages

Electric yellow chemistry
1.5 hr- 800

Lush green meeting (preferred length for getting to know new clients)
2 hr- 1000

Orange sunset hours
3 hr- 1500

Royal blue afternoon
4 hr- 2000

Peachy keen
5 hr- 2500

Minty green engagement
6 hr- 3000

Balmy black sky (Overnight)
8-12 hr- 4000

24 Carat gold
24 hr- 7000

Glittery weekend
48 hr- 12000

Fly me to you

As I have a love of travel, I don't mind scheduling a date to meet you where you are! I have a passport and I know how to use it. Use the comment section on my booking form to explain where you are and that you'd like to see me there. Show me around, let's have some fun!

My payment for this package must include a round trip flight, and hotel accommodations, as well as your preferred amount of time together. Must be at least 8-12 hours (or $4000). I'm also available to travel with you if you'd prefer company on a trip of your own!